#ANZCC Australia & New Zealand Cutlers and Cutlery 1788-1988

#ANZCC  Australia & New Zealand Cutlers and Cutlery 1788-1988
by Keith M. Spencer  / Joan Renton-Spencer  ©June 2015

After 25 years of researching, photographing and writing, following up on leads and information sent in to us, chatting on the phone and at knife shows, letter writing back before email existed, plowing through dusty references in state libraries across Australia and New Zealand, and hours and hours of electronic research and correlation of facts, it's finally done. To those who have offered assistance over the years ...  a big thank you.
Contains 50 chapters, 372 pages, and 100's of black and white photos, illustrations and newspaper advertisements, with an index and bibliography included. The soft cover book weighs in at a hefty 1.3kg.
Readers will find the history of Australian and New Zealand bladeware manufacturing and importing a fascinating journey of discovery as they delve across the facts, figures and photographs from the past.


  1.     Colonial cutlers - NSW
  2.     Colonial cutlers - VICTORIA
  3.     Colonial cutlers - TASMANIA
  4.     Colonial Cutlers - SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  5.     Colonial cutlers - NEW ZEALAND
  6.     Colonial cutlery Wholesale
  7.     Colonial Iron & Steel Works
  8.     Dover Clasp Knives
  9.     Milham and Cheetham
  10.     Ward Bros
  11.     Thos Chapman & Sons
  12.     W. Jno Baker
  13.     Barker Bros
  14.     W. H. Blakeley
  15.     Zoeller & Co and Surgical Supplies Ltd
  16.     Louis Streng
  17.     H. Barker Cutlery
  18.     Brammer Smithed Blades
  19.     Cutler Sailer Daniels
  20.     East Bros
  21.     Ernst Bros
  22.     Gregory Steel Products
  23.     Diamond Cutlery Company
  24.     Giusti Bros
  25.     Goddard's of New Zealand
  26.     Basil Little – Little Mester
  27.     Mars Machine Tools
  28.     Marsden Products
  29.     Peterson of Port Welshpool
  30.     Scott & Son - Trojan
  31.     Sheldon & Hammond Wholesalers
  32.     Stanley Rogers & Son & the Oneida Connection
  33.     Tatham Cutlery
  34.     Whittingslowe Engineers
  35.     Wiltshire - Mytton - Rodd  Cutlery Connection
  36.     Bayonets & Big Blades
  37.     Fighting Knives from Broken Bayonet Blades
  38.     Major Harcourt’s Influence
  39.     Random Defence Force Knives
  40.     Private Purchase Military Knife Retailers
  41.     Special Bladeware for WWII
  42.     SICUT ‘Leilira” MkIII
  43.     Leather Sheaths & Scabbards, Belts & Pouches
  44.     Shear Blade Knives
  45.     Brealey Stainless Steel Link
  46.     Regional Farm Knives
  47.     Modern Era Knifemakers who Made a Difference
  48.     Nordic Knivblads
  49.     Knife Cleaning and sharpening
  50.     The Master Cutlers Feast


I have been greatly enjoying your book. The old English in the newspaper clippings can be a hard read sometimes, but absolutely fascinating. A great reminder of how recently working cutlers were of great importance.
Adam - The Australian Cutler.  www.theaustraliancutler.com  Aug 2015

I just saw the post on the ABF about Keiths passing. I am very sad hear that he has gone. All that knowledge that he had and energy that he put in to knife collecting/making.  A monumental loss.  I am proud to have been able to contribute to his book that will be the definitive book on Australian knives and leaves a well lit path for us to follow. It also sets a very high bar for those of us who at some time will endeavour to put pen to paper and write about our hobby.
John -  www.australianmilitaryknives.com   July 2015

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