Bowie Blades

The Bowie knife was spawned by the emergence of the Bowie knife legend that evolved out of a Vidalia Sandbar fracas on the Mississippi River that involved James Bowie and his belt knife in 1827. 

Strongly influenced by Spanish bladeware designs, the fledgling American knife manufacturing industry could not cope with the ensuing demand for Bowie bladeware. The void was subsequently filled by thousands of Sheffield-made Bowie-style knives shipped into Boston to accommodate the trading, hunting and fighting needs of New England Frontiersmen.

By the mid-1800’s the shape had standardised to a large blade with a clip point and marketed extensively throughout the British Empire.

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Manufacturer: Muela
Weight: 0.575 Kg
Teflon-coated partially-serrated (combo) Bowie-style 180mm blade with desert cordura sheath. Made in Spain
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Manufacturer: A. Wright and Son
Work-backed English Bowie with a mirror-finished 6" blade, stag handle, nickel silver pins, brass cross-guard and fancy filing. Made in Sheffield.