#R4C Bushcraft / Survival / Hunting Knife - Carbon

#R4C Bushcraft / Survival / Hunting Knife

A heavy duty carbon-blade bushcraft knife modeled after the #1 original award-winning design. A favorite among big game hunters the world over as well as for those looking for a generous size outdoor bushcraft or survival knife.

  • Sturdy design for those with larger hands.
  • Lock down sheath design, belt loop positioned high for comfort while sitting or riding.
  • Blade length: 13cm
  • Thickness: 3/32"
  • Overall length of 26.5cm
  • Carbon Steel
  • Rosewood handle
  • Top-grain leather sheath.
  • Manufactured in Pictou, Nova Scotia,Canada
Manufacturer: Grohmann
Price: $136.00
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