Manufactured by Friedr Dick GmbH & Co of Deizisau in Germany. 

Promoted as being seven steels in one, the Multicut Model 6504 is a heck of a hunk of sharpening equipment to have around the house or camp site. It not only restores the cutting edge (apply light pressure), but also extends the re-grinding intervals (apply heavy pressure).

This flat (slightly elliptical) steel has an advantage over round steels in that it straightens and smooths the cutting edge of a knife faster and more gently by providing a 'line of contact' rather than a 'point of contact' to the edge. Also, the alternating steeling strokes bend the cutting edge less back and forth on the flat Multicut surface than on a regular round steel.

The 28-cm (11-inches) long fistful of steel has longitudinal grooves that divide the steel into several sections, providing a fine surface on which the knife edge can be restored and smoothed by steeling lightly. The edges of the grooves are so designed that they have a grinding effect and take the shoulder of the edge back when steeling a blunt knife using extra pressure.

The Multicut has an advantage over oilstones, inasmuch as it saves time maintaining a sharp cutting edge and edge shoulder and is readily on hand (can be carried on the belt), whereas carrying an oilstone and honing oil is more cumbersome.

They say the best way to keep a knife sharp is never to allow it to get blunt - the F. Dick Multicut sharpening steel provides a quick and efficient way of keeping your working knife in shaving-sharp order.

A very portable, superbly engineered sharpening tool.

Manufacturer: F. Dick
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