#1365 Wenge Safety Razor - Closed Comb

#1365  Wenge Safety Razor - Closed Comb

The Vintage Safety Razor Edition from Giesen & Forsthoff is all class!  Manufactured entirely in Germany, the newly released Vintage Edition boasts a mirror-polished die-cast steel shaving head with a 10cm handle length (ideal for Aussie hand-size).

Perfect for blokes who wish to personalise their shaving experience with a traditional safety razor and metal blade... no plastic!

Each razor comes gift packed with a complimentary 10 pack of Giesen & Forthoff's own Timor®stainless blades, ice hardened for a clean smooth shave.

And of course, replacement Timor® blades are held in stock, (or can be replaced by blades in well-known brands purchased elsewhere).

  • Quality die-cast steel with polished chrome plate head, with a traditional closed comb (ideal for everyday shaving).
  • Wenge (real wood) barberpole handle
  • Gift packaged with pack of 10 Timor®stainless blades
  • Unscrew the head to replace blades easily.
  • Manufactured in Solingen, Germany
Manufacturer: Giesen & Forsthoff, Germany
Price: $96.00
plus shipping
Quantity in stock: 1