#150 5/8" Cutthroat (Straight) Razor - 'The Timor'

#150  5/8" Cutthroat Razor - The Timor

One of the original models introduced in 1920 from the house of Giesen and Forsthoff with it's mid-range 5/8" blade width and Timor logo.

Traditionally designed with an oxidized (blued) back of the blade and entire tang surface, right to the end of the 'monkey -tail'. The razor's carefully fitted traditional black poly handle is hand mounted to each blade to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

The front surface of the blade bears the Giesen and Forsthoff original Timor trademark (registered 1920) in honour of the quality of pearlshell originally sourced from the Timor/Australian pearl beds at the time.

Presented in black boardbox to assist with condensation control, complete with a pressed-to-size flocked insert that houses this razor securely. Screeen-printed natural board outer with matching logo and etch.

Manufacturer: Giesen & Forsthoff, Germany
Price: $112.00
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