#35014K Vintage Safety Razor Pouch and Open Comb

#35014 Vintage Safety Razor Pouch + Open Comb

Soft brown vintage leather pouch with magnetic stud to house all standard safety razors securely. Includes spare razor head (closed).

This #35014 safety razor pouch will hold your razor and intergangeable heads (open comb for less frequest shaving or after holidays, closed comb for regular shaving) in the one pouch. Select a safety razor to make your own complete razor kit (razor NOT included in the kit - to be purchased separately).

Beautifully presentation - wrapped in vintage sealed black paperand housed in firm printed board box. Made in Germany.

Kit includes:
one vintage leather safety razor pouch
one open comb head

Manufacturer: Giesen & Forsthoff, Germany
Price: $76.00
plus shipping
Quantity in stock: 1