#381 6/8" Cutthroat (Straight) Razor - The Bismark / Soligen Crest

#381  6/8" Cutthroat (Straight) Razor - The Bismark / Soligen Crest

Each razor is gold-etched with the original Solingen Crest and Giesen and Forsthoff, plus gold tang, tail and back of the blade. Then the back is further 'chased' (engraved) in a traditional vine pattern.

Hand crafted in Germany at the Giesen and Forsthoff factory, the Bismark Solingen Crest razor is completed with a natural marble-wood handle,  ensuring each razor has its own unique 'handprint'.

  • The traditional Bismark-designed razor is hollow-ground from high-grade carbon steel, with gold plated logo, tang and tail.
  • Marble-wood scales are set onto the blade- each one with an indivudual handprint due to the nature of real wood.
  • Black presentation boardbox with pressed-to-size insert not only looks good but is designed to absorb condensation.
Manufacturer: Giesen & Forsthoff, Germany
Price: $187.00
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