#395 5/8" Cutthroat (Straight) Razor - Blonde Beech

#395  5/8" Cutthroat (Straight) Razor - Blonde Beech

Real wood - not imitation - European Beech handle on a 5/8" German carbon steel blade. Ideal beginners sized razor.

  • A traditional De-Luxe etching on the blade with G&F logo centred on blade. Model number, place of manufacturer (Solingen) and country of  origin (Germany) etched onto the tang.
  • Real Beech pale blonde wooden handle.
  • Presentation black boardbox to assist with condensation control, complete with a pressed-to-size flocked insert that houses this razor securely. Screeen-printed natural board outer with matching logo and etch.
Manufacturer: Giesen & Forsthoff, Germany
Price: $128.00
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