Beginner ShaveKits & Disposable Razor Holders

Back to Basics Shaving:
All you need to learn how to shave safely with a cutthroat (straight or open) razor.

For those would-be straight razor shavers who don't know how to get started (and for those who are simply curious) we offer this unique opportunity to safely  induce yourself into the satisfying world of shaving with a cutthroat razor. No gimmicks and no worries ... too easy, as they say.
We offer an instruction booklet imported from England with a choice of two starter kits - Standard or Deluxe.

  • First, check the disposable razor blade has been removed from the induction razor   - you learn to shave the straight razor way first without the blade - safely.
  • When you feel confident, place the disposable blade in the induction razor and start slowly - take your time
  •  Successful? Now you are ready to shave with a 'real' cutthroat razor of your choice.

Don't forget when you purchase a 'real' cutthroat razor you will need to use a leather strop each time you shave.


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All you need to learn the basics of shaving safely with a cutthroat (straight or open) razor with additional products for a great experience.
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The ORCA - the professional level disposable razor holder with oversized 62mm blades. For professional or private use. Made in Japan.
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All you need to learn the basics of shaving safely with a cutthroat (straight or open) razor. Basic book, disposable razor holder and blades.