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by Keith M. Spencer / Joan Renton-Spencer Two hundred years of Australian and New Zealand bladeware manufacturing and importing history.
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The Western Australian Museum holds an extensive and varied collection of Japanese swords and fittings. The majority of the items came from Major Simon Cool's private collection and from Colonel G.F. Weick's collection from the United Service Institute Museum.
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by Hughes, Jenkins and Buerlein. Subtitled "An International Guide to Military Knives from World War I to the Present" -- which about says it all -
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Highly recommended - fantastic presentation. From Argentina to Yugoslavia, this latest book from longtime researcher and militaria expert Martin J. Brayley provides an extensive and in-depth examination of bayonets from 37 countries from around the world - over 300 bayonets in all!
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Authentic reproduction of the original 34-page catalogue produced in 1910 features over 170 illustrations of fabulous cutlery (including pocket and penknives, tableware, razors and scissors) on offer over one hundred years ago.