#10006 Edgemate™ Ultimate Diamond Sharpening System

#10006  Edgemate™ Ultimate Diamond Sharpening System

The person who demands the ultimate performance in a sharpening system demands diamonds. Diamonds can quickly hone the hardest steel.

Manufactured totally in the USA by the original designer, Gatco sharpening systems include large hones and an all-metal (no plastic) angle guide with 6 angles (11 to 30 degrees). No Chinese-made components.

The GATCO® Edgemate™ Ultimate Diamond Sharpening System sharpens plain and serrated blades.  It utilizes the GATCO ® exclusive knife clamp/angle guide to insure that all cutting tools can be easily sharpened to a precise razor-like edge.


GATCO exclusive six-angle knife clamp/angle guide, insures a precision honing action

•  Coarse monocrystalline diamond hone
•  Medium monocrystalline diamond hone
•  Fine monocrystalline diamond hone
•  1200 grit ceramic finishing hone, for the ultimate finish edge
•  Special serrated knife hone
•  2 ounces of honing oil meeting FDA standards for safety with food contact
•  Custom case with easy to follow instructions permanently affixed to lid.

Manufacturer: Gatco-USA
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