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Traditional-style Sheffield-made English pocketknives and fixed blades in the tried & proved knife patterns from the past.

Buck understands the "Made in the USA" stamp on our blades is just as important as the Buck logo beside it.

Top quality D.H. Russell and Grohmann knives are produced with as many as 53 steps between starting point & finished product. Made in Canada

This highly respected producer of professional quality trade blades and sharpening steels since 1778 supplies users all over the world. Made in Germany

Green River carbon trade knives are easily identified by their distinguishable shapes and beech-wood handles. Made in USA

High carbon practical trade-blade patterns popularized in Australia by Gregsteel of Melbourne, and faithfully reproduced for users today.

Quality award winning outdoor knives designed in Canada for hunters and outdoor users. Made in Canada

Hand-crafted and polished pocketknives bearing the famous ‘IX*L’ trademark, granted by the Cutlers Cutlery of Hallamshire in 1787. Made in Sheffield

Australia's best known pocketknife brand, synonymous with the settlement of our nation. Still made in Sheffield England.

KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - high quality military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives. USA made knives since 1898

Muela Knives, established by Eladio Muela in 1952. Still made in Spain.

J. Adams Ltd is a family owned and run business in Sheffield. Their lineage have been making quality knives for six generations.

Knives and axes designed and manufactured in Finland by Heimo Roselli. Practical and reliable edgeware for hunters, survivalists and general use in Australian bushland and wilderness areas.

Robust - reliable - functional - Australian designed basic bladeware at affordable prices – 100% emphasis on function.

Large heavy duty knives, axes and hatchets .... for outdoor enthusiasts.

A mid-1800’s Sheffield knife pattern that was marketed throughout the British Empire spawned by the emergence of the Jim Bowie knife legend.

Butchers, boners, skinners and filleters - working knives for parcelling and packaging meat and fish.

Quality knives for the kitchen enthusiast.

Reliable bladeware for the outdoor enthusiast - hunters and fishers.

Traditional pocketknives, lock back and folding knives in carbon and stainless steel. Manufactured in their original countries of origin.

A great range of fixed blade knives for a variety of uses.

Limited one-off handcrafted bladeware by Australian custom knifemakers and customisers.

Top shelf pocketknives and fixed blades, for users or collectors. All made in their original country of origin.

Knife and razor pouches, sheaths and wraps in leather, canvas and nylon- for safe and secure carriage of blades.

Knife blanks and Australian hardwoods for DIY knifemakers

Reliable bladeware for military/civilian, bushcraft and survival - when your life is on the line!