Specialist Knife Suppliers: national importer & distributor of traditional-style knives & razors still produced in their countries of origin; plus bladesteels for custom knifemaking, sharpening equipment, knife books & DVD's. 
AKC - Australasian Knife Collectors - a division of Matrose Agencies Pty Ltd (est 1978)

AKC Mailorder Knives Aitor, Gregsteel, Joseph Rodgers, Taylors Eye Witness, J Nowill, A.Wright, SICUT, DH Russell, Grohmann, Roselli,  T. W. Ablett & Reg Cooper - Littlemesters of Sheffield, Wostenholm I*XL,  Giesen & Forsthoff razors,

New release
Australia and New Zealand Cutlers & Cutlery
1788 - 1988


Spencer's long awaited book on 200 years of knife history in Australia and New Zealand is finally in print.  With 50 chapters, 372 pages and 100's of photos, the book is the result of over 25 years of research.  NOW IN ITS SECOND PRINTING.

AKC Cut-throat razors
including the excusive re-introduction of Gregsteel® razors

A wide range of German-made cutthroat razors imported straight from Giesen & Forstholl, razors manufactures since 1920. Beginners kits, strops, hones, leather razor sheaths, shaving soap/creams and barbers towels....

New:  German-made Safety Razors for Wet-shaving

Geisen & Forsthoff's new Vintage Edition range of safety razors, manufactured entirely in Germany.
Superseded knives at special prices
Special prices on out-of-production models. Only while stocks last.  Stock  clearance on superseded models.
Sharpening Systems & Products AKC's recommended systems and products... GATCO Sharpening Systems & stones, Dianova & Eze-lap diamond plates and Spyderco Ceramic stones. Egginton sharpening steels,  Norton combo stone.  An extended range at excellent prices EZE-Lap Diamond Sharpening Plates and Steels -  made in the USA.
AKC knife blanks for customizers

A dedicated range of Scandinavian Swedish steel knife blanks for customisers.  Swedish Sandvik, Roselli of Finland and Norwegian blanks for customisers

AKC hats, caps and other gift'wear' commemoratives Caps, Mugs, Stubby holders, hats, badges, and commemorative pocket knives.
AKC Publications & Video Productions ® Clearing books for users, collectors, makers and those interested in knives and edged tools.
Australasian Knife Collectors Club - closed! 
National Knife Collectors - Australia®
The Club is closed! The Australasian Knife Collectors Club (for knife collectors, makers, customizers, historians, knife embellishers and users). Cycle of existence 21 years:  April 1990 - April 2011.
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AKC Mailorder (Australasian Knife Collectors) : a division of Matrose Agencies P/L ®